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(Red Dog's Monarch x *Gretton Flash by Criban Pilot)
Foaled 1966, 12 Hands, Chestnut

Genius was Diana Fischer's very first Welsh stallion, and either our second or third Welsh pony at that.  We originally purchased him to breed to our Tennessee Walking Horse mares for American Walking ponies.  We also used him also on our Welsh mares later on as you will see by his son & daughters below.  Genius was trained to drive by Jane and Diana, and was driven a lot all over our area on the dirt roads for miles and although he went to a couple of open breed shows in driving, he was unfortunately never shown at a Welsh breed show.  We actually didn't do a lot of showing of the Welsh in the early days, as there weren't any shows in our area, and we didn't want to trailer the 450 miles to Sacramento or to other states. He had such a wonderful disposition that Jane even used him to give driving lessons to people including children, and the neighborhood teenager girls used to borrow him to go driving around for fun too!!

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Genius Head

Genius Body R

Genius Body L

Genius BW





Gwyndalyn & Gaelyn



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