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Enter here to go on a pictorial tour of Diana Fischer's Tri-Ef Ranch Section A Welsh Mountain Pony breeding program, which began somewhere about 1970, although we had our own riding horses since 1967 or 68.  In the beginning days, the reason Diana bought Welsh Mountain Ponies was to cross them with Tennessee Walking Horses to create the newly emerging breed, the American Walking Pony. In those days, it was difficult at best to even find registered Section A Welsh Ponies at all!  Diana went on with the American Walking Ponies and when she had produced enough American Walking Pony breeding stock, she sold off all of the Tennessee Walking Horses, but could not part with the Welsh ponies!  From there it is history... Of course, I was there throughout most of it, helping with breeding, foaling, training, riding, showing and you-name-it.

Please Click on an Album link below to see the ponies related to that bloodline.  A couple of Albums are devoted to the Walking Ponies and the Arabians, as they were a large part of our history as well.  There will (eventually) be links to all of their pedigrees, as that was the basis of Diana's program - they HAD to have a solid pedigree.  When you click on a pony's name for the  pedigree link, then just click your browser's "Back" button to return to the page.   Diana spent *Countless Hours/Days/Weeks/Months & Years* researching Welsh Pony pedigrees, photos, books, magazines, and studbooks trying to find the best matches for her ponies and the bloodlines she liked the best.  She researched as far as the lines will go in each line of the pedigree... anywhere from 10 to 20 generations back, all the way to "Mountain pony"!   She has even impressed Dr. Wynne Davies with her knowledge of pedigrees and the ponies too.

Browse on to see all of the photos that I can conjure up of the Welsh ponies purchased, leased, bred, and owned by Diana throughout +-28 years Tri-Ef Ranch flourished...  (Please come back often as I will be adding photos periodically.)  signed, Jane Fischer de Thouars

Please click on  a link below or on the buttons on the left to go to the respective Photo Album:

(Please come back as I will be adding more photo albums, page by page as they are completed, patience please, as this will take me some Time...)

[Cognac Album]
[*Cadog Album]
[Crusader Album]
[Genius Album]
[Stoney Album]
[*Queen Album]
[Heidi Album]
[B Ponies Album]
[Misc Album]
[AWP Album]
[Arabians Album]

Tri-Ef Cognac Album
*Ceulan Cadog Album


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