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JAN. 1929 TO OCT. 2009

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Diana had been battling cancer for just about 18 months, and it finally won out over her strong will. She was in horrible pain, especially in the last few weeks, and she was so brave to stay on as she did, but now at least the pain is finally gone, and I am sure that she is at peace, playing with her Ponies, especially with her beloved Chaparral's Elfin Treasure (her favorite Welsh Stallion), her Chow Chow dogs, watching lots of little birdies, and re-visiting her 'old' friends in some nice place out there in Heaven's Gardens.

Diana had requested that there be no viewings and no services. She was so very private and wanted it that way afterwards too.  Diana was cremated and her ashes were returned to her family.  Any cards, flowers, and/or gifts for Diana may be sent directly to: Mrs. Jane Fischer deThouars, 20035 Smith Road, Perris, CA 92570

This page is placed as a Special Tribute to my Mom, Mrs. Diana M. Fischer. 

Therefore, this page is meant to honor all of Diana's years of participation with and contributions to the Welsh Mountain Pony. Her undying love of the breed since c.1970, and her impeccable taste for breeding, raising, leasing, and buying only the best quality ponies that she could. Over the years her program has produced and still is producing countless champions and future champions, both in the halter ring and in performance.  She has an intimate knowledge of Welsh Mountain Pony Pedigrees. She even impressed Dr. Wynne Davies with her knowledge of Welsh pedigrees!

As most anyone who knew Diana, they know that she had to have a specific 'type' of Section A pony - first, they had to look like Mountain Ponies - along with a pretty head, proud carriage, disposition and great movement the A's are known for.  Also, for her own breeding stock, they were never to have blue eyes, nor excessive white on the body, legs, face or neck; and that they must not carry any Section B ponies in their pedigree - defined by her as only those Section A ponies that are acceptable in the United Kingdom, Canada, Europe and the World over as Section A.  She always was and still is very passionate that only Section A x Section A = Section A; and that A x B and B x B must = B only, regardless of the eventual mature height. Mom was so happy when the WPCSA finally changed their rules for registering the A's and the B's by pedigree rather than height. 

An Honorable Mention must also be made here to my late dear Dad, Mr. George G. Fischer, (Mar. 1930 - Mar. 2013) who was not and has never been a horseman, yet he put up with his two girls (his loving wife Diana, and his devoted daughter, Jane) and their love of the Welsh, the Arabians, and various other equines all these years. He set up the business of Tri-Ef Ranch; he worked countless overtime hours at his job; he paid all the bills; he worked his 'tail off' on the ranch; and he supported his girls willingly and lovingly and (almost) without complaint throughout 'thick and thin'.  R.I.P. Dad.

Signed, with Love and Best Wishes,
their one and only child and daughter, Mrs. Jane Fischer deThouars

Following are tributes from Welsh breeders and/or owners who have known Mrs. Diana Fischer over the years, some of which have purchased Tri-Ef ponies and gone on to use them in their own successful breeding and/or show programs: 


"Diana and family  (husband George and daughter Jane) raised Section A ponies under the Tri-Ef prefix. Diana adored her ponies. I met her way back in the 70's. She also raised lovely Chow Chow dogs. She had Walking Ponies. There are so many things that I could share about the passion she felt regarding her ponies and her family but those of you that knew her know what I mean and the lovely ponies she bred, raised and Jane trained are a treasure to those that own them. Jane is continuing this and is putting some wonderful training into some lovely ponies and they are wining in the show ring for their owners. Diana is now in heaven with her beloved Chaparral's Elfin Treasure (her favorite Welsh Stallion), her friend Anne Westerman and her other ponies and dogs as Jane put it. I know Diana is proud of her daughter who is now a Welsh Judge carrying on her mom's strong tradition and love of Welsh Ponies."

Diane Isaacson
Chaparral Stud Farm, Santa Barbara, CA


"Our first contact with Tri-Ef Ranch and Diana Fischer came as a result of our search to find a Welsh stallion for our grade Welsh mare, back in those "early days" when we were just beginning our love affair with this wonderful breed.  We attended a charity show, where we won the silent auction bid for a breeding.to her young stallion, Tri Ef Cognac.  Although he was--and still is-- an impressive, brilliant copper chestnut Mountain Pony stallion, when we visited the Ranch, we fell in love with her grey senior stallion, Chaparral's Elfin Treasure.  I think our preference for Elfin might have "locked in" the friendship that would develop after that initial meeting, because Elfin was Diana's vision of perfection, and we obviously agreed with her!

Over the years, Diana has served as a mentor and limitless resource for us, a veritable encyclopedia of Welsh pedigrees and breed history.  She has always been available to share her knowledge of breeding, maintenance, loaning me equipment on a moment's notice when I needed it to meet a breeding commitment.

I can attribute many of the practices that have served me well through the years to the influence that Diana Fischer has had on me.  Beyond the depth of her knowledge, Diana has always had a keen business sense, combining quality ponies with quality service and customer relations, with a degree of honesty in business that many should emulate.  Quality ponies, honest business practices and attention to customer service and satisfaction, Diana taught me methods to succeed by her example.

Though we have had many times when we disagreed-- as all friends eventually do-- Diana always listened to my opinions with respect.  Honest to a fault at times, I never felt that she considered my thoughts to be less valuable, simply because I was a neophyte.  It is a testament to her commitment to improve that Diana was open to adapt if a superior solution could be found, even when it came from the most unlikely source.

Generous with her time, her knowledge, her contributions to support Welsh shows, Diana Fischer has been an inspiration to me from the very beginning.  I am grateful that circumstances determined that our first serious contact with the Welsh breed would be Diana Fischer.  She has been a resource and a colleague, and I am grateful to have called her my friend."

Carol Maurer, Gaslight Farm Welsh Mountain Ponies, Yorba Linda, CA


"Diana Fischer was a gracious and beautiful lady. Her warmth and knowledge made buying our first Welsh pony a pleasure. Her retirement(& now passing) means the loss of an ethical and knowledgeable breeder, but we're sure the many people who learned from her over her long career with Welsh Mountain Ponies will carry on with her spirit and passion for ponies. Thanks Diana (and Jane!)."
Rod & Julianne Miller-Boyer
Rancho Zen Rodeo, Riverside, CA


"I am the proud owner of Tri-Ef Elfin Heather, who at the age of 15 is just as spunky as ever!  I love Heather, and when I pull up at the barn, she immediately hears me and whinnies!  Heather, especially in the head, looks very much like her beautiful father, Chaparral's Elfin Treasure, the senior herd sire of Diana's Welsh Mountain Ponies, and undoubtedly her favorite (they were soul-mates, so to speak).  Heather's dam is Gamble's Heidi, who has been such a stable producer for Diana and Jane.  As a grey roan, Heather foaled chestnut, turned dark grey with a white blaze and chest, and then turned white.  Diane Issacson was Heather's first owner, and trained her to ride, drive, etc.  Heather has been riden by many children (including my 10-year old niece, Nikki, who is her current rider) and done very well in walk-trot classes as well as in halter.

All of the ponies and horses at our facililty in Davis, California love Heather, even though she is very much a dominant mare and acts like the queen of the pasture.  She can outrun anyone else, from 17 hand warmbloods to my Welsh Cobs and Chincoteague Ponies to the Arabs, Morgans and Quarter Horses. Of course, she runs even faster when she thinks that food awaits her at the other end. And one day when she  "escaped" in an attempt to visit a stallion off in the distance on another ranch, I saw her jumping ability, as she jumped several fences and gullies (with me in chase).

It was a pleasure to have met Diana, George and Jane at the Tri-Ef Ranch in Southern California and see Gamble's Heidi and all the other great Welsh Mountain Ponies.  We were impressed by Diana's love of her ponies and people, and of her warmth and generosity.  And to have raised a wonderful horse-woman like Jane is a further accomplishment, for Jane is one of our top breeders, trainers, judges and all-around Welsh pony people.

Thank you so much for contributing to the best of our Welsh Mountain Ponies."

Deborah L. Elliott-Fisk
Professor and Chair
Dept. of Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology
University of California, Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616
phone (530)752-8559      fax (530)752-4154         e-mail: dlelliottfisk@ucdavis.edu


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P.S.  If you have known Mrs. Diana Fischer in the past, or own a Tri-Ef pony or descendent, and would like to contribute to this page, please contact Mrs. Jane F. deThouars via e-mail, just click on the mailbox below (please see below for my other contact info).

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